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Hello to Churchill Park from all of us at Calgary Reads!

We hope that everyone is settled safely and comfortably into their learning communities and that life in November 2020 is as good as it can be right now. Here at Calgary Reads, we are all certainly missing the opportunity to connect face-to-face with little learners, but are working hard to make sure we’re still connecting in other ways!

That’s why we are so pleased to offer, digitally and for free, our popular read-aloud certification programs:

pee wee read (for important adults of 3-5 year olds)

wee read (for important adults of 5-7 year olds)

Designed to help families and caregivers gain tools to be terrific reading role models and make the most of family reading time, the training takes about one hour to complete. We encourage you to spread the word to all the important adults in your children’s lives! Here’s the link:

Reading aloud is a simple, beautiful way all families can foster curiosity, creativity, vocabulary and emotional connections — all with lasting benefits for our young learners (and for the adults they share this time with). We hope you enjoy our wee read read-aloud resources and the free tools we have that go with them!

This year and this program mark a shift for Calgary Reads and our relationship with educational institutions as we focus our early literacy impact on the magic of reading at home! Stay tuned as we launch more wonderful ways for families and caregivers to nurture a love of reading, so we can all work together to set up students for success.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the pee wee and wee read programs, please reach out at any time!

Thank you to Alexandra May for providing the content and information for this blog feature at Calgary Reads. You can find Calgary Reads information to contact or join their online community below.

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